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Our Commitment to Safety

At SACC, project milestones and commitment to safety are seen as one and the same. Our company strives to provide a working environment that reduces the frequency, severity and costs of incidents and injuries. A successful project is meeting project milestones and targets in a safe and efficient manner.

Our commitment to safety starts by providing all employees with a safety orientation. This safety orientation occurs all the beginning of the project (Pre-job planning meeting). For workers who come on the job site after the initial start-up meeting, an individual orientation is conducted for each new employee to ensure he / she is aware of the site conditions and safety-related issues. Each employee is provided a pocket-sized Safety Policy & Reference booklet outlining important information relevant to his or her safety and others on the job.

Daily start-up meetings discussing upcoming day's initiatives and issues involve the site project team (Project Superintendent & Foreman) and all employees. All supervisory personnel receive training and must comply with the rules and regulations as set out in our Construction Supervisor's Guide. Weekly meetings (tailgate) include the project team and the Project Manager, client representatives and engineers.

Depending on the size and scope for the project, a safety committee consisting of client / tradesperson / subcontractor personnel is formed.

Our commitment to safety has resulted in an excellent lost-time frequency record over the past 40 years.