A privately owned company, Sacchetti Construction Ltd. is a project management and construction firm specializing in Civil and Industrial projects. In addition to its construction services, Sacchetti Construction Ltd. has provided project budgeting and 'Design, Manage and Build' (DMB) services throughout the Lakehead since 1973.

The company's success is a result of its professionalism, reliability and flexibility.These factors have built its reputation of meeting its clients needs by delivering the best possible quality of construction in a safe and timely manner.

Safety is a primary goal at Sacchetti Construction Ltd. To ensure the safety of its employees, a Health & Safety Policy and Program was implemented in the mid 1990's. Each employee is orientated and provided a pocket-sized Safety Policy & Reference booklet outlining important information relevant to their safety and to the safety of others on the job.

Supervisor's orientate employees before assigning specific tasks. Each supervisor has received training and must comply with the rules and regulations set out in Sacchetti Construction Ltd.'s Construction Supervisor's Guide.

Proper safety policies and procedures have resulted in an excellent lost-time frequency record over the past 30 years.